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Adult Education



St. Mary’s Parish continues to offer an array of Adult Education opportunities throughout the year. Typically they occur during the Sunday morning Coffee Hour.

Coffee Hour

Held each Sunday following the 9:00 a.m. service from September through early June, offers the opportunity for friendship and adult education.  Volunteers serve coffee, tea and pastries in the Guild House while the Rector  or guest speakers provides commentary on the scripture readings, news items, or other topics of concern and relevance. Coffee Hour is wonderful way to learn and fellowship with others on the path of our Christian journey. Please plan to include this opportunity in your Sunday morning schedule.

Past Adult Education topics have included: basic Bible Study resources; more in-depth reflection on certain books of the Bible; Episcopal identity; stewardship; and group study using a Video Series on ‘Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money’, to name a few.

Please call the Parish Office if you have suggestions about possible topics for Adult Education sessions.


Special Adult Education Events


Episcopal 101

This discussion is conducted by the Rector, during Coffee Hour, and includes topics of Anglicanism, Church History, Holy Scripture, and Spirituality.


Seasonal Quiet Days

Designated Quiet Days occur once in Advent and once in Lent. They begin at 9 a.m. with Holy Eucharist and then adjourn to the Guild House library for meditations.  Coffee, tea and danish are provided.  They adjourn at 12 Noon. Quiet Days are sponsored by the Chancel Guild and are conducted by a variety of priests.

Lenten Suppers and Series


St. Mary’s Lenten Suppers and Series begins on the Thursday of the first full week of Lent and concludes the last full week before Holy Week. On Thursday, Evening Prayer (5:30 p.m.) is followed by the Holy Eucharist at 6:00 p.m., and a covered dish supper and program in the Guild House. These Lenten evenings offer an opportunity to add a worship service to one’s routine during Lent, enjoy fellowship with other parishioners, and do a bit of learning as well. Conducted by the Rector, he generally picks something that he can both talk about, and use video with (either a movie or documentary).

The 2008 Lenten Suppers and Series program discussed the life and writings of C.S. Lewis, one of the foremost Christian writers of the 20th century. A member of the Church of England, Fellow of Oxford and professor at Cambridge, Lewis is probably best known now for his series of books, “The Chronicles of Narnia,” several of which have been made into movies. The “Narnia” series has a strong Christian undertone, and Lewis also wrote many highly influential specifically Christian books and articles.

Narrated Eucharists


Do you have questions about our worship? Things you don’t understand, or have always wondered about the Liturgy? Make certain you attend services during one of the designated Narrated Eucharist weekends. During any of the Masses on those weekends the sermon will be replaced by commentary at various points in the service to help explain the meaning of the liturgy. The first Sunday the commentary covers the service through the Peace; the second Sunday the commentary begins at the Offertory.   Generally the Rector will offer further instruction, and respond to questions, during Coffee Hour following the service.  

Narrated Eucharists are a good time to bring a friend or relative who might be curious about the worship of the Episcopal Church.



Special Retreats are sometimes scheduled at regional convents and retreat centers. There is typically a fee for these overnight getaways and parishioners find they offer a wonderful opportunity for prayer, reflection, and spiritual refreshment.

Adult Inquirers Class


When requested, an Adult Inquirer's class may be offered by the Rector for those interested in being confirmed, received, or just wanting to learn more about what it means to make their home in the Episcopal Church.