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Mission Statement

To receive, appraise, organize, describe, preserve and provide access to records and objects of historical value belonging to the parish of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Burlington, New Jersey.


In the past the group has obtained photos of past rectors, sponsored a Yard Sale on Burlington Day, cleaned and reframed portraits, as well as cleaned and dusted the display cases in the old church.


If you have photos, artwork, artifacts pertaining to St. Mary’s, the Archives committee would be happy to receive and care for these as a permanent part of our collection. The group continues actively working on cataloging, restoring and displaying documents, photos, artwork and artifacts, and welcomes anyone with an interest to join us. If interested in participating in this ministry, contact Steve Quinn.




Daughters of the King

The Order of the Daughters of the King, St. Mary's Chapter was instituted on Sunday, May 31, 1998.  The order is a religious order for women.  Members undertake a personal rule of life incorporating the two requirements for admission:  The Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service.  As the service of admission, a daughter reaffirms the promises she made at Confirmation; pledges herself to a lifelong program of prayer, service and personal evangelism; dedicates herself to the spread of Christ's Kingdom; and assists in the strengthening of the spiritual life of her parish.


In the Rule of Prayer, they vow to pray daily for extension of Christ's Kingdom, for the spiritual growth of the Church, especially for our diocese and parish, for all who need emotional, spiritual and physical healing, and for the work of our Order.  In the Rule of Service, they vow to participate regularly in the worship, study and work of the Church, to assist the Rector in any way possible, and to bring others to a knowledge and love of our Lord.


Members wear the order's silver Greek cross Fleury as silent proclamation that members' lives are committed to manifesting Christ's love and that they cannot live a day without Christ in their lives.  The inscription on the cross is Magnanimiter Crucem Sustine - "With heart, mind and spirit uphold and bear the cross."  At the base of the cross are letters "FHS", initials for the Motto of the Order: "For His Sake".   Only a member in good standing may wear the cross of the Order, which remains the property of the Order.  When a member dies it may be buried with her; otherwise it is returned to the National Office.


How To Become A Member: Membership in the Order is open to women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, of any autonomous Church of the Anglican Communion, or of a church having an Historic Episcopate but not in communion with the Episcopal Church.


To join the St. Mary's Chapter, talk with the Rector and to members of the Chapter about your interest and declaration of commitment to preparation and admission.  Prospective members complete a course of study about the order, it's history and mission before being admitted.  Meetings are held biweekly either starting with Sunday Evening Prayer at 6:00 p.m. and followed immediately by a meeting in the Guild House library or on Sunday morning during Coffee Hour in the library.  Please check the parish schedule for meeting dates and places.  Contact: Kathleen Birkett.


The Motto Of The Order:

For His Sake...

I am but one, but I am one.

I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

What I can do, I ought to do.

What I ought to do, by the grace of God I will do.

Lord, what will you have me do?


Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

All the women of the congregation, by virtue of their baptism are members of the Episcopal Churchwomen.  The ECW sponsors many parish functions including the Christmas Bazaar and Roast Beef Supper, Spaghetti Supper, Ham Supper and Basket Bingo.  ECW adopts special projects each year to support and enhance parish life.  They also support outreach programs both nationally and locally.  These include the United Thank Offering (UTO), The Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief and Providence House.  General meetings are held three times a year and all are welcome.



ECW Officers and Steering Committee Members:



Vice President

Phyllis Maier


Barbara Quinn



UTO Coordinator

Dale Leiby

Student Service

Irene Gares


Nevi Baker


Vicky Schneider

Mission Response

Amy Ancharski


Kelly May

Prayer and Worship




Phylllis Maier

Roast Beef Supper

Bernadette Boyle

Fair Share

Kris Chichester

Daughters of the King

Kitty Birkett

Altar Guild


Men of St. Mary’s

The purpose of the Men of St. Mary’s is to provide fellowship, growth in faith, assistance in parish related projects and enjoyment in some fun activities.


During the year breakfast meetings are held on the first Saturday of February, April, June, and October and on the last Sunday in November at the Corporate Communion Breakfast.


All men of St. Mary’s are members of this organization, and are encouraged to participate in the many activities and service projects conducted throughout the year. Contact for this organization is Cliff Frake.



St. Mary’s Choral Society

Founded in 1877 to sing "The Waits" around Burlington on Christmas Eve, the St. Mary's Choral Society is a 30 member a cappella group composed of parishioners and non-parishioners who continue this tradition.   Meeting only during the Christmas season, The Society also gives performances at St. Mary's, Masonic Home, The Home for Aged Women in Burlington and The Evergreens (an Episcopal retirement home).  The contact for this organization is President, Judy Burr.