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Outreach/In Reach



Our Outreach Mission is to follow the Gospel teachings and reach out to those in need with love and compassion, using all our available resources.


St. Mary's Outreach Project started out as the St. Mary's Hunger Project.  It has since expanded to encompass other types of outreach programs including The Diocesan Hunger Task Force, Habitat for Humanity, Providence House, Interfaith Care Givers, the Presiding Bishop's Fund, St. Jude's Ranch, World Mission Committee – Malawi, Children’s Home of Mt. Holly, Family Services, Mt. Holly, Providence House, Catholic Charities Delran, Home for Aged Women, Burlington, Seamen’s Church Institute, Episcopal Relief and Development, Trinity Counseling Service, St. Paul’s Camp Faith, Camden, Kourtney Burris, Missionary Support, YMCA of Burlington County, and Church of the Redeemer, Biloxi, MS, St. Mary’s school supplies project, as well as other organizations that provide for the needy.  We also hold a “gently used” coat and jacket drive in October/November and offer them to individuals (children and adults) who will benefit from their use.


The Guild House at St. Mary’s continues to be of use to many organizations. Groups such as the AA and NA continue to meet here and help people to rehabilitate their lives. We also host Boy Scouts and the Burlington Rotary each week. The Ladle of Love hosts an Outreach Supper here every Wednesday.


Our goal is to make a diverse use of the budget where it will make a significant difference in peoples’ lives. To advance this significant Outreach effort, we have made many contacts in the community making people aware of this important ministry at St. Mary’s. This has resulted in additional help and new group donations.


Volunteers are always welcome to help with Outreach projects, to make suggestions for new ventures, and assist with delivery of collected goods. We are blessed to have such a caring and generous parish family.


Our goals are to continue to fill the needs, as they are recognized, of the local community, and domestic, and international organizations that seek assistance. If you are interested in assisting in this ministry, contact John and Arlene Tieman.


In Reach


Flower deliverers

Throughout the Church Year (except during Advent and Lent), volunteers take the flowers from the altar and deliver them to shut-ins and those parishioners who can't attend church due to illness or injury.  Please see the Rector if you are interested in participating in this ministry.


Get well cards

This ministry sends out a card each month to our "shut in" parishioners and also to any parishioner who may be going through surgery or treatment that limits them from participating in our regular church services. The cards may be geared to something that is happening during a month, for example: Easter or St. Patrick's Day, etc., and hopefully brings comfort and pleasure to the recipients in the knowledge that St. Mary's Church is there praying for and caring about them. This ministry is currently attended to by Linda Bowker and Pat Hill.


Prayer Quilting


This ministry was started at St. Mary’s, in 2006, by Irene Gares, after she and husband Gerry vacationed in Arizona in November 2005. After attending a service at another church with friends they were visiting there, and as she was walking down the street, Irene saw an Episcopal church; and, she says she told her husband, “I’m being called to this church”. Irene was introduced to the priest’s wife who gave her a tour of the church and its grounds; and in the church courtyard she saw quilts displayed and inquired about them. She was then introduced to the woman who leads the Prayer Quilt Ministry at the church; the woman explained the ministry to her and gave her a quilt (one with butterflies that reminded her of her sister Carolann who had recently been diagnosed with cancer).


The idea behind the quilts is simple, yet powerful. Quilts are made by using squares of material, batting, and a backing material; the quilt is put together by a group of volunteers each completing a different step of the process. A heavy thread is used to take stitches through the quilt layers. And the ends are left free to be tied with a square knot.


The Rector (Fr. Haynes) blesses the quilt during the Saturday evening Mass, and the quilt is placed at the back of the church. This is where we as parishioners come in. At all three services, we tie a knot and say a silent prayer for someone in special need—someone who has requested a prayer quilt and asked us to pray for him/her. After the Sunday, 9:00 a.m. service, the quilt is taken to the Guild House during Coffee Hour for one last round of knot tying and silent prayer by those who did not have the opportunity to do so in Church. The quilt is then given to the quilt recipient who is aware of the many prayers that have been and are being said for him/her.


In some cases we have quilt recipients living out of state; and, in that case, the prayer quilt is given to the friend or family member who requested the quilt for their friend or family member. A binder, cataloguing all information about a quilt and its recipient is maintained.


This wonderful group of women (no men have stepped up so far) brings an assortment of sewing skills to the table. Some can thread a needle and sew the yarn onto the quilt while others are accomplished seamstresses who are always willing to share their expertise. No matter what the skill level, each person takes part in the process of putting the prayer quilt together.


The group meets the second Thursday of the month, from 1-3 p.m., and, the following Tuesday, from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., at the Guild House, in the Vestry Room. If you feel the Spirit moving you toward this ministry contact Irene Gares.