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Worship Ministries

Worship is a corporate activity- something we all do together- so many people are involved in different roles in preparing for and carrying out the liturgies of the Church. Whether they are singing or speaking to the Glory of God, serving at the altar, caring for the linens or making others feel welcome and part of our parish, all of those involved join in offering reverent worship and praise to God.


The Chancel Guild

The Chancel Guild (sometimes called the Altar Guild) consists of devoted members who care for the vestments, linens and vessels used in worship. Members serve by the invitation and under the direction of the Rector.  Teams are assigned on a monthly basis and are responsible for preparing for services and cleaning up after. The Guild also sponsors occasional “quiet mornings.” during Advent and Lent.



Acolytes (also known as servers) assist the priest at the Altar and help to lead the congregation in worship. This is an important ministry and should be approached with dignity, humility and care.


The Sunday Choral Eucharist requires a team of four acolytes, with the addition of a Thurifer (incense bearer) for special days. Saturday/SundayLow Masses require two acolytes, and weekday Masses require one. Acolytes are also needed for most weddings and funerals; usually volunteers are sought for these occasions.


The Acolyte Guild is open to males and females from the fifth grade and higher.  Adults are also welcomed and encouraged to be acolytes.  Training is arranged at a mutually convenient time, in either groups or on a one to one basis.  Please contact the Rector or Scott Yorkus if you are interested.


Lay Readers

Lay readers take a formal leadership role in the Sunday and weekday Masses. Vested in cassock and cotta, they read the lessons, lead the congregation in prayer, and assist the participation of the congregation. The lay readers also read Evening Prayer on Sundays throughout the year, and daily Evening Prayer during Advent and Lent. Lay readers are adults, male or female, and may also “double” as chalice bearers.


Chalice Bearers

Chalice bearers assist with the administration of the Chalice at Communion. Chalice bearers may be male or female, and may also “double” as lay readers.



Lectors read the Scripture lessons during services. A lector from the congregation reads the Old Testament lesson at the 9 a.m. Mass on Sundays.



The ushers welcome worshippers attending our principal services, distribute service programs, booklets and other materials as needed, collect the offering, and stand ready to assist members of the congregation. This responsibility is rotated among parish volunteers.


Greeters also welcome persons in attendance at principal services, with particular emphasis on showing hospitality to those who may be visiting or new to the parish.