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St. Mary's Vestry consists of nine members and two Wardens. Three members and a Warden are elected each year at the annual Parish meeting. Members are elected to three year terms; and the warden to a two year term. The Vestry normally meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.   Meetings are held in the Guild House and Old Church (during the warmer months).




Don Anderson 2016

Robert Maier 2017



Daniel Martin 2016

Davis Parker 2016

Todd Lehman 2016

Mary Cherubini 2017

Bernadette Boyle 2017

Matthew Garwood 2017

Sue Fuir 2018

Tyler Noyes 2018

Carol Seward 2018


Diocesan Convention Deputies and Burlington Convocation Deputies are elected each year at the annual Parish Meeting in January.

Diocesan Convention Deputies (one year term):  Philip Paige, Susan Harnischfeger, Robert Maier

Alternate Deputies to the Diocesan Convention:  Don Anderson and Nelson Rainier .

Burlington Convocation Delegates:  Judith Burr, Annette Lehman, Penny Hampton, Tony Hampton, Phyllis Maier, Robert Maier