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Weekly E-News


We send out a weekly E-News email via our parish email contact list each Thursday.  It contains the schedule for the week ahead, announcements, features such as parish event photo albums and short feature articles and links to the lessons for the upcoming weekend services.



Parish E-Mail List


Sign up to subscribe and receive E-News and Special Announcements.



Placing an announcement


If you would like to submit an announcement, the deadline is every Tuesday for both e-News and the weekend worship service bulletin. Make sure your announcement provides proper contact information including phone number and email address if applicable.  Submit your announcement to Parish Secretary Mandy Skalski at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Publicity for your event


Every event at St. Mary’s presents an opportunity for publicity… both to promote the event itself, as well as St. Mary’s Church.  This process has been developed to assure exposure of the event to a broad audience, and to achieve a consistent message/image of St. Mary’s itself.


Here’s what to do when you want publicity:


  • Complete the PUBLICITY REQUEST FORM [available from the parish office, from the online form on this page or by printing the request form below.¬† Do this at least 3 weeks prior to the event [especially if date sensitive]. Many media outlets require 2 weeks advance notice before publishing. ¬†This form is for parishioners to publicize St. Mary's Parish events only!

  • Send the REQUEST FORM to our Publicity Coordinator by submitting the completed form(preferred) or by submitting a copy of the completed form to the Parish Office addressed to the Publicity Coordinator.

  • The Publicity Coordinator will review the information for completeness and news worthiness, and confirm receipt of request.

  • The Publicity Coordinator distributes the information to our database of media contacts [newspapers, radio, TV, magazine, etc.], in the format required by each one [‚Äėe-forms‚Äô, special formats, restricted character counts, specified contact names, etc.]. Questions from media contacts about the event can be directed to the Publicity Coordinator or the committee/event chair who requested the publicity.

  • Everyone watches media to see if/when the information appears, and provides positive/negative feedback to Publicity Coordinator.
  • ¬†

    Links to printable forms


    Publicity Request form  - pdf version

    Publicity Request form  - Word doc version